September 23, 2019 2 min read

The Center for Disease Control has reported a nearly 20% increase in neck pain from Americans in the past 3 months. It's no wonder considering how often we look at our phones, work from computers, and slouch our way through life. 

More often than not, a stiff or sore neck is due to the muscles weakening over time because of misuse or poor posture. Staring into a computer, driving, and text-neck (staring at your phone) weaken neck muscles over extend periods of time and can eventually displace neck joints. This leads to weaker neck muscles and causes the joints to stop moving as smoothly. 

If you're suffering from neck pain, keep reading to learn some of the best remedies to relieve pain and soreness throughout your neck and upper-back.

6 Ways to Reduce Neck Pain:

1. Stretch

Stretching and manipulation of those neck muscles is key to relieving pain. Check out this video by Caroline Jordan on appropriate stretches for neck and upper-back pain.

2. Sleep Positions

Always try sleeping on your side or your back to avoid over-straining your neck for hours at a time. When you sleep on your stomach, you force you head to turn to one side or the other. The strain of sleeping in this position for hours at a time leads to neck pain.

Check out YouTube's Tone and Tighten video on the best sleep positions at night.

3. Thermal Remedies 

Using ice and heat on the painful and sore areas is an effective treatment method for neck pain. Within the first 48-72 hours you should be using ice, then switch to heat with warm showers or hot compresses or heating pads.

*Note: Never fall asleep using thermal remedies because prolonged exposure can damage your skin.*

4. Over-the-Counter Pain Remedies

Using an over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be beneficial for relieving neck pain. If pain is very serious, we always recommend reaching out to your doctor. 

5. Gentle Massage

Gently massaging neck pain can dramatically reduce pain. Have a loved one or licensed massage-therapist massage sore areas and bring life back to the muscles. You can also use self-massage techniques like in the video below.


 6. Necksmith Neck Traction Device by Healwell

Necksmith™ by Healwell is the FDA approved original cervical neck traction device and provides instant ease in the neck and shoulders. The Necksmith™ stretches and relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles with the exact correct amount of traction while improving the spinal posture. The stretching can safely decompress the cervical spinal discs, which may minimize the pain caused by bulging discs, ease the pressure on nerves and improve blood circulation. It can also take pressure off painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and improve mobility!