Necksmith™ Neck Traction Device

Necksmith™ by Healwell is the FDA approved original cervical neck traction device and provides instant ease in the neck and shoulders.

How Does It Work?

Do you have pain in your neck from long hours on the computer or looking down at your phone?

Does stress put a strain on your neck and shoulders?

Do you watch television in bed and put pressure on your neck from the elevation?

If you've answered YES to any of these, the Necksmith™ is the inexpensive solution to longer-lasting pain-free health.

The Necksmith™ stretches and relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles with the exact correct amount of traction while improving the spinal posture. The stretching can safely decompress the cervical spinal discs, which may minimize the pain caused by bulging discs, ease the pressure on nerves and improve blood circulation. It can also take pressure off painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and improve mobility!

Necksmith™ Cervical Neck Traction Device can also take the pressure off the painful and stiff joints to relieve pain and improve mobility!

Necksmith™ Inflatable Neck Comfort Brace provides fast neck pain relief, and faster recovery from neck injuries such as strains, without the need for medications or surgery.

Necksmith™relieves neck pain for anyone suffering from the effects of neck arthritis, herniated and bulging discs in the neck, neck strains, and cervical muscle spasms.

The Necksmith™ Inflatable Neck Comfort Brace inflates slowly with the included hand pump, providing an even and gentle stretch to help relieve neck, head and shoulder stiffness, and stress. By stretching the neck and lifting it upwards, blood circulation gets increased to the structures of the cervical spine, helping to oxygenate muscles, nerves, and tendons, thus decreasing pain and promoting relaxation. 

Necksmith™ Cervical Neck Traction Device also helps by keeping your neck in a perfect posture, allowing it to heal, and prevents further neck injury and pain, very similar to a neck stretcher or pillow, but for your home.

NEW:  Free neck extensions for larger necks! (gray)


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Effective Neck Pain Therapy:

Provides effective pain relief for your neck, shoulders and back, including pain caused by herniated and bulging discs, sprains, strains and stiffness. The Necksmith™ stretches the neck and elevates the jaw, while the cervical neck traction device relieves tension and pressure on the spine.

Soft, Adjustable Neck Support For All Neck Sizes:

The Necksmith™ is easily adjustable: the neck traction unit is secured by two Velcro straps for a perfect fit on neck sizes up to 19”. You can adjust the level of stretch by slowly deflating the pillow for optimal support and comfort.


Corrects Neck and Body Posture:

Realigns the spine to correct and help maintain proper posture. Provides beneficial preventative care for office workers prone to slouching.

Lightweight and Portable:

Easily use at home, at the office or while traveling. The cervical neck traction pillow is lightweight and completely deflates for easy portability.  This is also a perfect travel companion for flying on an airplane.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

I have been using this since it came in the mail since may and let me tell you it is a great item that I purchased it helps me with my neck and shoulder I try to over extend it but I can’t leave it on for a long time maybe about 20 minutes then I have to let loose but I feel so much better now I recommend this to anyone who is having neck and shoulder problems I’ll be ordering more soon for my family thanks to the folks who invented it


I've had neck pain for well over a year. I tried the gamut: exercise, massage, external analgesics, the chiropractor. Then I saw this advertisement for the Madibella neck brace. The first time I used it, I held it in for about 30 minutes. Let me tell you, by the end of the 30 minutes, I felt a cool streaming flow of "something" pass through my neck and shoulders. All I can figure was that blood was finally reaching the inflamed sites and bringing down the inflammation after such a long time. My neck felt so relieved, less tense, and more flexible after only the first session of using it. What a great and beneficial item this is! I highly recommend it to anyone who has neck pain and neck dysfunction.


I am very happy with my purchase , it gives me great relief from neck pain and I would recommend it to anyone 😀


I am delighted with your product! I have shared your information with five friends and two have already placed orders. Thank you so much.


used it while writing at computer, and it helps next strain