New Necksmith Packages For Ultimate Relief!
New Necksmith Packages For Ultimate Relief!
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ergonomic wrist carpal tunnel for computer use
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Ergonomic Beaded Wrist Pillow by Healwell

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The Wristsmith™ by Healwell Ergonomic beaded wrist pillow provides maximum comfort and ease of use for computer, laptop, and mouse use.

Uses correct ergonomic wrist height and works with almost any mouse to relieve stress from overuse

Ergonomic beads provide comfort and support while gently massaging the wrist and hand during use

Made from soft, long-lasting, washable fabric

Dimensions: 6 W x 1.25 H x 4 D

Never suffer from an aching wrist or cramping hand again. The Wristsmith™ Ergonomic Wrist Pillow provides the comfort and support that you need to use your mouse with ease. The soft fabric and ergonomic beads gently massage the wrist during use, and the comfortable and sturdy fabric will ensure that you’ll be using your Wristsmith™ for many years to come.

Make wrist pain and stiffness a thing of the past with the Wristsmith™ Ergonomic Wrist Pillow. It’s perfect for anyone who spends long period of time on their computer.

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